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The best way of getting into archery for those with no or very limited experience (such as on an activity holiday) is to take a proper beginners' course at an Archery GB-affiliated club. These courses will not only to teach you how to shoot, but also the points of archery etiquette which are essential for safe and enjoyable shooting.

SCoA normally hold around two beginners' courses each year, plus occasional taster sessions. All equipment is provided.

We have a minimum age limit of 12 years; we also require juniors to be accompanied by a shooting or non-shooting parent/guardian.

We can add details of those who enquire about starting archery to our mailing list and make contact when courses are planned.

Click here to contact us with enquiries about beginners' courses and membership of SCOA. If you want to go straight onto our mailing list, please provide the names of all the prospective participants, their dates of birth if under 18, a postal address and contact telephone number.

We recommend that you don't buy any archery kit until you've done a beginners' course. Once you've done the course you'll have a much better idea of what you will need to buy. When you do buy archery kit, go to a specialist archery shop such as the ones on our links page. These shops are run by archers for archers and will provide much more suitable equipment than any generic sports shop that we might mention (but won't here).

We also welcome more experienced archers who may have learnt to shoot at another club or had some time out of the sport. We'll normally ask you to come down to the field for a shooting assessment so we can be satisfied that you know how to shoot safely. If you fall into this category, please also use the link above.

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